4 Steps to Shift Your Momentum and Life Forward!

Have you ever heard “an object in motion stays in motion. an object at rest stays at rest”? Both objects and people have momentum. However as people we can make the choice as to what kind of momentum we have. Momentum towards staying in the same place or momentum towards going places. When your momentum shifts towards staying in the same places, here’s a few things that can be done to change that.

1. Exercise:

Literally getting in motion. Get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. During physical activity, our body releases endorphins that allow us to feel good. In addition to feeling good, we are strengthening not only our body but our mind. Fighting resistance builds up the body. Our mind learns not to he defeated by resistance and learns to grow from it.

2. Write a Journal:

Write down things you want to do. Taking time to explore & observe your thoughts is a process that’s really freeing. It’s a way to reflect & release. Through journaling, we can have a conversation with our self and not worry or think about any response. Journaling is a way to be fearless and free.

3. Creating a Routine:

A routine is creating a rhythm for oneself. Like in music, when we are not in rhythm, we are off the beat. Items on a schedule is like music notes on a page. It tells us what to do and when; similar to music notes on a sheet. When  musicians hits all the notes on time or on beat, they are in rhythm. When we do what we set out to do, when we plan to do it, we are on beat and in rhythm.

4. Creating Space:

Its not easy to find time for yourself between the schedule, commitments, and responsibilities of day to day life, however it is vital. Just like the rhythm of a routine in #3, you also need your silence and spacing, breathing, and rests. If you can set aside dedicated time to jog, hike, meditate, listen to music, or do anything else (positive) that makes you happy and clears your head then make that happen. If your schedule is too tight at the moment, then try and fit it into your routine. Jogging between your home and work/school, taking time to meditate (eyes open) on the drive to wherever, engaging in mindful relaxation at a local park instead of the breakroom at lunch, etc. can completely recalibrate your mood and day. This kind of behavior makes even resting productive.

These tips provide general ways to address changes in momentum, however each person is different and it is important to find tools that work for you. Make use of the journal in #2 to document the pros and cons and your progress towards self-growth and actualization.

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