6 Ways Teens Can Kick Depression

If you’re mildly depressed and think there is nothing you can do, then think again. Depression affects many people from many walks of life. It isn’t something to be ashamed of. You can get help today; here are 5 suggestions for you to consider:
1. Soak up the sun.
Yes it’s true that too much sun can damage your skin, but if you wear sunblock to keep out the harmful rays, you can go outside and bask in the good kind of rays. Studies prove our bodies are designed to absorb sunlight. It has vitamins and makes us feel good. Some people get blue or moody on gray cloudy days. This is called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. If this is you, then go out in the sun for a while. If you can’t or there isn’t enough sunlight where you live, then consider buying a therapeutic light box that you can plug up and be around inside your very own home, especially in winter months when there is less sunlight. It will boost your mood. Yellow light bulbs instead of fluorescent give off the soft yellow light we need to make us feel good. When we don’t get enough sun, our bodies don’t manufacture enough Melatonin, which is produced in the dark. This coupled with a lower body temperature makes us feel down and sluggish. Remember this the next time you hear the weather forecast or look outside.
2. Stay busy and active
This could be with hobbies or creative forms of exercise. Sitting around the house dwelling on your problems is the last thing you want to do. Tackling your problems will be easier if you get up and do something about them. This will help keep you feeling vibrant and useful. Life is too short to deprive yourself of the things you like to do. Life is to be enjoyed. Do you like to fish? Read? Skateboard? Go to the opera? What is your talent? Whatever it is, use it, and have fun with it
3. Set goals
Short term or long term. A goal gives you something to look forward to and work toward. You will feel that you have a purpose in life, so if you haven’t figured out what that is yet, now is the time to flesh it out. No matter who you are or what your circumstance is, you can contribute productively right where you live.
4. Take it easy.
This means let yourself unwind after school, work, or stressful situations. Maybe it’s a bubble bath, or a walk with your dog, or spending time with your family and friends. Maybe it’s just lying down for a while or reading a magazine. Take time for yourself so that your inner batteries can recharge. This will help you feel energetic and positive. There is a reason why experts keep saying this: It works. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Our bodies are meant to be active and healthy. Putting sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and junk food into it will only make you feel down in the long run, because when you get right down to it, they’re toxins. Physical activity releases endorphins and decreases feelings of depression.
6. Be social.
Have friends, make friends, spend time with your family. Go places and do things that make you happy. If you aren’t used to going out socially, meet up with some friends and go out as a group. Set a group date for one night a week.
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