About Us

How We Are Different Letter from the Founder

you. are. unique.

Each client has their own individual needs, history, strengths, and challenges. As such, One to One Treatment was designed to meet these needs as precisely as possible, and as efficiently as possible. Services are provided on a “one-to-one” basis, with no groups, to do just that. Our individual, entirely customized programs, therefore, offer maximum confidentiality. A client is not sharing the intimate details of their struggles with anyone other than a clinical professional bound by the legal and ethical mandate of confidentiality.

you have our undivided attention.

The unique One to One approach offers an unsurpassed high level of clinical interaction that accelerates recovery and growth. In fact, it is often a residential level of clinical focus practiced in an outpatient setting. It is highly structured, active, and engaging, making it truly individualized treatment. Every client will receive a full rehabilitation curriculum for their specific diagnosis. Each curriculum will educate the client on the etiology and mechanisms of their presenting symptoms. Additionally, every client will receive tangible, hands-on skills to cope with and decrease their symptoms. One to One Treatment prides itself on the fact that every client leaves our care with the language and “nuts and bolts” of growth and recovery.

you. will. build.

  • relapse prevention techniques for addiction
  • relapse prevention techniques for trauma
  • effective communication skills
  • healthy self-esteem
  • healthy boundaries
  • self-awareness and mindfulness
  • self-care & interdependence
  • emotional stability
  • positive self-talk & behaviors
  • an understanding of the connection between mind and body
  • meaning, purpose, & enjoyment in life