Coping with change

Most of us all go through the same routine every day. Work, school, eating and sleeping. These are all examples of simple and everyday life routines. Everything seems okay, we are in our comfort zone doing the things we know and experience. All of the sudden, something happens.

A change in the course of our life can range from good to bad, from something small to something that seems drastic. A change can be a negative change like losing a loved one, wrecking your car or breaking up with a loved one. A change can also be for the best like winning the lottery, getting a promotion or winning a sports competition.

We all handle change differently. Some handle change with ease and some handle change feeling pressured. At the end of the day what we need to realize in life that we all should expect surprises and sudden changes in the course of life. Even if it seems like it, we may not always have complete control over a situation because we are dependent on others.

Our attitude should be focused more on coping and dealing with any change or outcome for the best instead of trying to avoid changes.

If you feel that you struggle with sudden changes in the course of life, here is an article to help cope and understand how to handle sudden changes
 ( Remember, it’s not always up to you if something drastic happens. Prove to yourself that you can handle any obstacle life tosses your way.

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