Opioids are of course a major health epidemic and before fentanyl became a huge crisis, the surge of oxycontin, or “oxys,” was all over the news. The saga of Douglas Dodd also became a big news story, and now he’s recalling his days as a major oxy dealer in his book Generation Oxy. 

Dodd was a high school wrestling star in Tampa, Florida, who started a side business selling Oxycontin pills to his friends. Several years later, his business became what Vice called “an opioid pill-trafficking network,” sending painkillers to people all over the country. He was selling 20,000 Oxys a month before he finally got busted by the Feds in 2009.

Dodd was sentenced to 80-months in prison. He told Vice he had other members of his family who went to jail for dealing, so he certainly had it in his background, and his mother drank a bit as well. While in jail, Dodd took a number of classes to try and turn his life around, and have a better life when he got out of jail. 

“I definitely want to open [people’s] eyes [to the fact] that it could be anyone’s kid that’s going to prison,” Dodd told Vice. “Mass incarceration is fucking ridiculous. It’s like a human warehousing system, and it only creates more problems of moving forward within the society. I think society needs to give the opportunity to nonviolent offenders-specifically a chance to really have redemption, just like a credit report: after seven years it falls off. Some states have already started to implement stuff like that. I think that should be mandatory.”

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