Are your friends keeping you from success? 

Many of us want to be successful in life. Some are looking to succeed at work, a hobby or any task life throws at us. We are driven by our dreams, hopes, motivations and fears. Factors such as Positive thinking, lifestyle habits, motivation and supportive friends are essential for ones’ success. While thinking, habits and motivation are very much “self-driven”, supportive friends are what we call “outside influences”. Not everyone looking to succeed has supportive friends and they may not even know it.

Do you fall into that category? You may not know it either.

Here are the signs to look for:

Friends who slow down success are prone to mock your ideas and dreams, as “absurd” and “exaggerated” and “out of reach”. Occasionally teasing someone in a friendly way is fine (and that’s what friends are for). Mocking ones’ dreams and ideas may come from jealousy, general doubt of self and others, or an underestimation of your potential. At times, you or they may even feel that the mocking is “well intentioned” and “looking out for you”.

Negative friends tend to push you to make decisions that are clearly not in your best interest, and pressure you to “think of others” and “not be selfish” to get you to cooperate with whatever they are trying to do. A good way to spot this is to see how they will benefit from your decision vs. how you will benefit or lose.

Negative friends benefit from you without providing any benefit to you. These kinds of friends tend to be clingy, dump their baggage on you, expect favors and support and even physical or financial “support” without offering any of the same. This kind of drain on your time, resources, and energy can set you back even as you strive to move forward.

Surrounding yourself with positive people who support your ideas are a main key to success. If you feel that your friends keep you away from your goals and dreams, it may be a good time to reconsider and surround yourself in a more positive environment.

For further information on this subject, Check out the following article. “Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success” – Shiv Khera.

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