How Hobbies Can Change Your Mood!

Many times, depression can make you feel very unmotivated. You want to stay in bed a lot, to all of the time, while your thoughts race and go in circles. You feel unmotivated, not wanting to do things, and feel terrible. That’s when having a hobby or something you love to do comes in.

Having something that stops the clock for you and takes your mind off of things can be very helpful. Maybe it’s singing, painting, exercising  or something unique to just you. No matter what it is, having a hobby that, just by doing it, takes your mind off of things and let’s you enter a “new world” is key.

Now, this won’t get rid of all of your feelings and everything else, however it could make you feel better for some time, take you out of that stuck feeling, and make you have something to look forward to, something that lets your passion flow and stops the clock.

If you don’t yet have a hobby or something you love to do, try new things! You’d be surprised about how many things there are to do that, you may not know it now, but it is something you would have loved all along. Some things to try are photography, videography, dancing, playing guitar or piano, knitting, gaming, chess perhaps? …. the possibilities are endless!

Having that “outlet” can be a very important factor into feeling better about yourself and everything else. It gives you a healthy way to express how you feel.

Having a hobby or something that you love to do can help your mental health. It gets you out of bed, looking forward to things, and makes you feel better about yourself!

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