A lot of comedians who joke about drugs or who play stoners often know the subject intimately. Jason Mewes, who you also know from Kevin Smith’s comedies, has recently made a geek convention appearance where he spoke openly about his sobriety.

Mewes has been sober for seven years. When he appears at geek conventions, the fans applaud his sobriety, which has says “has been a big help, and it has been really amazing. I didn’t expect that part of it.”

And in fact, Mewes feels he should stay sober for his fans. Once he hit the four-year point of sobriety he had a relapse, and director Kevin Smith couldn’t understand how he went back after being that far along sober. Mewes was taking medication for his kidney stones, and he didn’t feel accountable to anybody else but himself, but now Tulsa World writes, “Mewes aims to be accountable to his fans.”

Mewes has had nightmares about relapsing, which is common for people in recovery, and he was afraid of having a relapse before doing a convention and having to tell fans his sobriety had only been a day. “In the beginning, the first couple of years, I would wake up in a sweat because, in my dream, I drank or snorted coke.”

Now that Mewes is inspiring people to get sober as well, which is “something I definitely didn’t expect. I just didn’t think at all that me talking about my stuff would help someone, even one person, stay sober and that has been awesome.”


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