Letter from Ray Santamaria, M.A., LMFT, Founder

rs2I established One to One Treatment in October 2009 because it was absolutely necessary. My extensive residential and outpatient experience helped form my clinical perspective regarding the strengths and challenges of the current state of dual diagnosis and mental health treatment. I am proud to have been part of the shifting tide toward more individualized and customized treatment. This shift is clearly necessary when facing the complexities of mental health disorders and our own unique stories. However, I found I could only move this tide so far when working in the traditional group-based treatment model. I discovered “the box” of traditional treatment doesn’t work for everyone. So I strived to work “out of the box” to meet the ever changing needs of our diverse population. Then I wondered, “Why does there always have to be a box?” The answer was One to One Treatment.

My goal for One to One Treatment was to provide the best evidence-based practices in a truly individualized and customizable treatment plan, all while doing so in the most confidential and anonymous setting available. We have accomplished this goal. And it works brilliantly.

It works because we view every client as a unique set of strengths, challenges, and needs. We also know what a big decision it is to enter treatment, a decision that is not made lightly for many reasons. The best treatment seems to come with a premium these days. And as such, it should meet all of your needs without reservation. You should have the undivided attention of your clinical team, a feat often attempted yet never fully realized in a group-based treatment model. One to One Treatment fills this void in the Los Angeles continuum of care.

None of this could be accomplished without our highly experienced and seasoned clinical team. I handpicked each individual after working with them for several years in various capacities. Some of them are former employees. Some are former colleagues and referents. All are friends and family. As such, I purposely keep our team small and focused, exactly like our program. This allows us to provide attention to detail and case management services that you cannot get at most outpatient programs. In fact, our focus rivals (and often surpasses) the clinical focus of many residential facilities. With One to One Treatment you get one of the most effective, flexible, and attentive clinical teams available.

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Thank you for your interest!

With Regards,

Ray Santamaria, M.A., LMFT
Executive Director, Founder