A new story on is headlined “Generation Sober,” that claims that millennials “are opting out of booze to socialize.”

Writer Jules Schroeder, who lives in Boulder, CO, reports that there have been sober dance parties that encourages people to get natural highs. She also cites one report that claims that “only one in ten millennials today see getting drunk as ‘cool.’”

Another report Forbes cites says that millennials are workaholics who are turning away from alcohol to keep their productivity up.

The Guardian also reports that millennials go on “juice crawls” where they go hopping for non-alcoholic drinks instead of bar hopping, and this is going along with other sober trends like sober raves, bars that don’t serve booze, sober social networks and dating apps for sober millennials that were reportedly so popular, they overloaded from activity. 

As one millennial told The Guardian, “I just feel like you have deeper conversations with people when you’re not distracted by drunkenness.” And a psychologist also mentioned that the trend among millennials is turning towards mindfulness instead of turning to alcohol in times of trouble.

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