For many who need help in alcohol treatment centers or drug rehab, animal therapy has proven to help many patients. Many have enjoyed the benefits of equine therapy or working with horses, and now People is reporting on how goat therapy can help people. 

Several rehab facilities in the States have adopted goat therapy and one rehab facility, and it reportedly has similar benefits to dog therapy. Having patients take care of animals and have daily interaction with them teaches responsibility, and one rehab employee who suffered from alcohol addiction thanks, goat therapy for “saving her soul.”

Animals can also be loyal and loving creatures when you need a good presence in your life. As one source who benefitted greatly from goat therapy said, “You can be yourself, you can cry, you can work through emotions, and they’re just going to be there…these goats will bring unconditional love, companionship, and purpose to some young people who may have nothing else to live for in their world.”

Much like equine therapy, working with goats gives people suffering from addiction “the opportunity to learn to care for (and about) something outside themselves. That something outside themselves will provide unconditional love, the ability to bond and re-learn trust.”


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