One of the great benefits of Facetime is that now people can schedule meetings with it and talk to therapists and councilors from their homes.

The Fix reports that a new social network, In the Rooms, sets up 125 meetings a month for people in recovery. Like a lot of recovery apps, you can choose to be anonymous when you log on.

This is a system that can reach people all over the world, but when Ron Tannenbaum and Ken Pomerance first started the service, some had their doubts. At first, “people were afraid to come into The Rooms because they were worried about their anonymity being blown,” Tannebaum said. But Tannenbaum thought an online social media meeting was an idea whose time had come, and people started flocking.

As with many things in recovery, word of mouth and networking drew people in. Tannenbaum and Pomerance told ten people, the next day a hundred people came to the site. According to his report, 150 new people come onto the site every day.

As with a lot of recovery social media and apps, this is meant as a supplement to going to meetings in person, not a replacement for it. If it’s tough to get to a meeting in person, In the Rooms can connect you with others in recovery, and help keep you sober. 

What can also help with online meetings is the comfort factor is greater when people are talking in their homes, and they can open up more. “They’re in their comfort zone, not looking into 30 sets of prying eyes,” Pomerance says.


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