Talking to your children about drugs can often be an uncomfortable conversation, but it’s important to do it, like the saying goes, “early and often”.

A source who works with the Speak Now campaign, which helps parents open up with their kids about substance abuse told News Channel 5 Network, “If a parent feels that it is wrong for example to binge drink or use substances, that teens are three times less likely to use.”

This source also says how you approach talking about drugs with your kids is important, and scare tactics don’t work these days. As one mom told News Channel 5, “The bond that parents have with their kids is really special. And we need to recognize that and our kids will listen to us if we have the courage to talk to them.”

Speak Now says that talking with your children about drugs can begin as early as nine years old, and they recommend, “Set the tone. Start an open dialog about the use of alcohol and marijuana, and the misuse of prescription drugs and other drugs during the preteen years so your child will feel comfortable discussing these topics as they grow older.”

Keeping the lines of communication open when it comes to substance abuse is very important for your children. As Speak Now has on their site, “There’s always a good time to talk”

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