How Teens Can Use Blogs to Become Entrepreneurs

There are all kinds of blogs in the blogosphere. Some are used to tell personal stories and opinions, a way to shout at the world and let a voice be heard. A lot of them are housed on social media sites to share with everyone or a select few. Others are more serious, philosophical, and educational. Still, others are geared toward celebrities, trends, and fashion. But if you think blogging is just fun and games for young people and could never be taken seriously or used for business or marketing, think again.

Having a blog is one of the smartest business tools you have as a teen entrepreneur, and the best part is, you can launch one for free.

Starting a blog isn’t hard, you just have to know what to do, and then do it.

Why pass on this effective tactic for selling your service or product? It creates a buzz about you, your brand, or whatever your sector is, and makes you an instant authority in your niche.

Creating a blog gives you followers, and you need them because they very well could be your customer base. They can follow your name, your product, and your updates. Let’s say you run a party clown business. How can a blog help you? If you write an article on the various facets related to the party clown business, put them on your blog, you will attract visitors who have an interest in party clowns, from people who want to hire one for their kid’s birthday party, to people who want to learn how to become one themselves, to people who do an internet search for party clowns.

You may be wondering why you should give trade secrets away in articles? The answer is, to get a following, which leads to business.

You must provide useful information to visitors in order to turn them into followers. They are already on your site. They’ll see your links and click if they’re interested. But you must give them information they can use.

Besides your link and contact information, your blog can give coupons, discounts, contests, whatever gimmick you can think of to keep your followers happy, as long as it doesn’t break your budget.

The blog will help sell. It lets others see you as an expert in your niche. You have articles and blog posts to prove it. People will return again and again because you are a professional who can be counted on.

Customer loyalty goes a long way, and it isn’t hard to achieve, you just have to be sincere and ready to work at it.

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