What Meditation Can Do For You!

Whether you are 14 or 40, in the course of life, we have responsibilities, expectations, stress, pressure, and overall moments of chaos. Whether you are leading a brigade in the military or your high school football team in the playoffs, the pressure to perform and succeed at whatever level can be hard to beat. Often, when the amount of, or intensity of the pressure increases you can end up faltering, becoming tense, irritated, “stressed”, anxious, overwhelmed, and generally “off your game”. Sometimes these feelings can make it seem nearly impossible to accomplish your goals and set the stage for eventual failure. The buildup of this kind of pressure can also take a toll on your mental and physical health of not taken care of. There many ways people cope with life stress, and one method in particular is called meditation. 

What is meditation? 

The first thing many people picture when they think of meditation includes a monk, yogi, or some other cliché spiritual figure sitting cross-legged on a pillow with their eyes closed and an “I’m smarter than you and at peace” grin on their face. While we certainly support a peaceful path toward spiritual growth, meditation is not limited to the mountainous regions of the world.

Meditation, plainly, is a state of mind in which there is clarity, balance and order that rises above the emotional state of your day to day life. Meditation is used across the spectrum, from Navy Seals and Pro Sports players to teachers, doctors, lawyers, moms, and yes: Yogis.

Why Meditate?

While achieving this state of mind can be challenging, the benefits of meditation can help with many mental health issues, fear, anxiety, stress and other performance challenges. Meditation is utilized by people who meditate report feeling more uplifted in their overall mood and generally more happy. The American Journal of Psychiatry conducted research on 22 patients diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorders. They were treated with 3 months of meditation and reportedly 20 of the patients found the severity of their disorders reduced.

How to meditate?

There are many ways to meditate but we recommend reading this article on very “down to earth” meditation methods.

It is important to have an open mind to the process of meditation and not every method is for everyone. Finding a good mentor or group to support you in this process as well as carving out time for meditation can be critical for success.

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